What Type of Editing Services Do I Need?

When it comes to editing services, sometimes it’s hard to determine the type of editing you need. I’ll assess a middle excerpt from your manuscript, provide a brief sample edit of up to 750 words, and suggest the level of editing that’s right for you.

A longer sample edit of five additional standard, double-spaced pages is $50 and I’ll deduct it from the cost of your edit if we decide to work together.

Not ready for an edit? Consider my Manuscript Critique service, a perfect start for authors who want early feedback on their work before editing begins.

Click the links below for a detailed explanation of each editing service I offer, including rates. Package rates are available.


Addresses accuracy, tone, flow, pacing, dialogue, sentence structure, repetition, consistency, style, and more at the sentence and paragraph levels. Includes copyediting. Click here for more details and rates.


Focuses on technical flaws, including minor grammar issues, typos, incorrect word usage, and style issues. Click here for more details and rates.


Tackles story-level issues such as plot, theme, characterization, worldbuilding, credibility, showing vs. telling, and point of view. Click here for more details and rates.

Substantive Editing

Includes heavy line editing, as well as rewriting and, if needed, some ghostwriting. Appropriate for manuscripts requiring significant revision. Click here for more details and rates.

Other Services

Other services include help with your back cover book blurb, book synopsis, or book proposal and manuscript critiquing, writing coaching, and copywriting. Click here for more details and rates.
Nikki Busch, Editing Service, Thorough, Thoughtful Word-Pro with a specialized Editing certificate

Thorough, Thoughtful Word Pro with a
editing certificate

My schedule fills quickly. Please book early.