Services: Indies-Only Copyediting

Indies-Only Copyediting

Rate: Let’s discuss. For fiction only.

The Indies-Only Copyedit is my newest service for the cost-conscious indie author. This single-pass, basic copyedit gives your work of fiction the refinement needed to elevate it above the rest in a crowded marketplace.

After assessing your manuscript and doing a brief free sample copyedit of ~750 words, we’ll arrive at a rate that works for both of us. Your rate will depend on genre, scheduling, individual circumstances, prior work done on your manuscript, and availability. Generous payment plans are available to make this service more accessible. 

The Indies-Only Copyedit is intended for indie authors who are happy with the big picture aspects and flow of their story. It is suitable for fiction manuscripts that have already been through beta reading or critiquing and have gone through some rounds of self-editing or line editing. This service is more rigorous than a final proofread and not as comprehensive as a line edit. If you would prefer a line edit with copyediting included, click here.

During your copyedit, I will fix these types of mechanical problems in your manuscript:

  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Consistency
  • Typos
  • Punctuation
  • Missing words
  • Incorrect words
  • Spelling
  • Incorrect use of dialogue tags
  • Minor clarity issues
  • Adherence to style

Copyediting does not focus on plot, characterization, conflict, worldbuilding, head hopping, showing vs. telling, repetition, pacing, or other structural problems. Issues of this type are best addressed prior to copyediting.

The Indies-Only Copyedit does not include copyediting endnotes, footnotes, book blurbs, or bibliographies. You can schedule back cover book blurb writing or editing as a separate service. 

To keep your rate affordable, please format your manuscript as follows:

  • Paragraph indents using the paragraph indent function at 0.5″ in Microsoft Word and not the tab key or space bar
  • Double-spaced
  • Times New Roman, 12-point type
  • Page breaks at the start of each chapter

Copyediting can be performed by a member of my team or by me.

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Line Editing

Addresses tone, flow, pacing, dialogue and narrative structure, repetition, and more at the sentence and paragraph levels. Click here for more details and rates.


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Designed for indie authors on a budget, this basic service focuses on mechanical errors in grammar, syntax, punctuation, consistency, spelling, and style. For indie fiction only. Click here for more details. Click here for more details and rates.


A final check for straggling errors, typos, missing words, and punctuation and spelling errors. Click here for more details and rates.

Other Services

Other available services include manuscript critiquing, help with your book blurb, book synopsis, query letter, or book proposal, and writer coaching. Click here for more details and rates.
My schedule fills quickly. Please book early.