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Line Editing

Rate begins at .017 per word and includes copyediting.

Already revised your manuscript based on a beta read, critique, or developmental or content edit? If your story is structurally sound, a line edit is the natural next step toward publication. This level of polish and refinement includes copyediting and is my most popular service.

I’ll work hard to retain your unique voice while fine-tuning the language for flow and readability to keep readers engaged. Using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes, I’ll provide in-line markups and clear explanations about why certain changes are needed. You’ll learn more about your writing craft from my edits and will gain insights to help you grow stronger as an author.

This service includes up to 1 hour of follow-up communication to discuss or review changes after they’ve been incorporated. Two consecutive passes are provided before your edits are sent to you. Additional passes after you incorporate Track Changes are available at a package rate.

I’ll focus on these areas at the paragraph level (in addition to Copyediting):

  • Awkward sentence construction
  • Choppy sentence flow and pacing
  • Showing vs. telling
  • Excessive and incorrect dialogue tags
  • Point of view inconsistencies
  • Extraneous language, jargon, and ambiguities
  • Overused words and crutch words
  • Repetition and redundancies

This edit does not focus on major plot, characterization, and repetitive point-of-view issues such as head hopping. Pervasive issues of this type should be addressed prior to line editing during a developmental or substantive edit, or I’ll be happy to discuss upgrading your service to a deep line edit (aka substantive edit) if you’d like me to help you work on these issues.

When you’re finished incorporating all edits, you’ll still need proofreading. It’s a good idea to have a “third set of eyes” for this stage. A friend or family member with a keen eye can be helpful, or I’ll be happy to refer you to a proofreader.

The per-word rate listed is a starting rate. I will individualize your quote based on a manuscript assessment and brief sample edit, so I can determine how long it will take to complete your project. All editing quotes reflect my hourly rate of $50. There is a $75 minimum for all projects.

Please note: although no quality editor will guarantee completely error-free work, I’ll make every effort to return a manuscript that’s as clean as possible.

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Line Editing

Addresses tone, flow, pacing, dialogue and narrative structure, repetition, and more at the sentence and paragraph levels. Click here for more details and rates.

Developmental Editing

Tackles story-level issues such as plot, theme, characterization, “worldbuilding,” credibility, showing vs. telling, and point of view. Click here for more details and rates.


Focuses on technical flaws including grammar, style, accuracy, and consistency. Click here for more details and rates.

Deep Line Editing

Includes heavy line editing as well as rewriting and, if needed, some ghostwriting. Appropriate for manuscripts requiring significant revision. Click here for more details and rates.

Other Services

For other services, including help with your book blurb, book synopsis, or book proposal and manuscript critiquing, writing coaching, and copywriting, click here. Click here for more details and rates.
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