“They say a great man is nothing without the support of those around him. The same can be said of an author. Nikki makes my work look like polished perfection. In short, she makes me shine.”

K. L. Kreig


“I would highly recommend Nikki to any writer wishing to take his or her work to the highest level of polished completeness worthy of professional publication!”

Stephen Goldhahn


“Diligent and responsive…she worked with me every step of the way, making suggestions and helping to make my book the best it could be without making it any less my book.”

Kayla Marie

“Nikki is insightful on story, tough on craft, and skilled in some of those technical elements that even trained authors miss in their own work. I feel motivated and inspired to improve after receiving feedback from her.”

—Jeanne De Vita (novel in development)


“I never consider my work complete until Nikki’s worked her magic.
She catches everything, always knowing exactly what to add or change
to improve the clarity and flow without changing your voice.”

G. C. Julien


“Nikki’s knowledge of story consistency, point-of-view control, and grammar constantly amazes me. She spots mistakes, makes necessary corrections, and offers suggestions tailored to the story without squashing the style of my writing.”

AZ Kelvin


“Nikki was incredibly easy to work with. She completed the edit ahead of schedule and did a thorough and very helpful job. My manuscript was strengthened because of her efforts.”

Cindy Rizzo


“She’s made detailed, eye-opening notes on my latest project. Her editing service is more than superb.”

Sakina Pecchillo


“I have to say that was, hands down, the best copyedit I have ever worked
(traditional or independent).”

Tracy Ewens


“I honestly think it was the best edit I’ve ever had on a manuscript.”

Genevieve Jack


“Nikki’s the best!”

Jenny Gardiner


“She is one fantastic editor. Catches everything.”

Calvin Dean

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